What is a Ghost Tour? 
A ghost tour is a guided walk to see places where spirits or odd happenings have been reported. While viewing the sites you'll hear documented history and tales.

Will I see a ghost?
Spirits are unpredictable, but we guarantee that Enoch will entertain you with interesting, fun, and spooky tales as you visit the sites.

Have you made these tales up?
Heavens no! Everything discussed has been reported in books, newspapers, articles, or some other media. See the Bibliography page for sources.

Is the tour too scary for me or my child?
The tour is rated PG. The locale and the stories are meant to be spooky, and some of the historical content (e.g., executions) may not be suitable for everyone. Please judge what is best for your family or party.

Do I need to book in advance?
Yes. For planning purposes and to ensure we meet the minimum number of attendees, you must book at least 2 hours in advance of a scheduled tour. Minimum of 4 guests; maximum of 20.

How do I buy tickets?
Use our online booking service.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes! Parties with 4+ people get 10 percent off the tour price.

I can't come; Can I get a refund?
For planning purposes and because space is limited, all sales are final. Rescheduling is possible with 24 hours notice.

What happens if it storms?
Tours run in any weather, unless Enoch decides conditions are too dangerous. Please wear suitable clothing and footwear. If a tour is cancelled, we will reschedule or issue refunds.

What happens if I'm late?
Tours leave on time to honor our on-time guests and later tours. If you're late, follow the Riverwalk east to Cameron Street, and then north toward King Street. Chances are exceeding good you will find us.

Do you do "Ghost Hunts"?
A "hunt" refers to the use of special equipment to try to detect paranormal activity. We do not do this, but you may bring your own equipment if it does not harm the experience of the other guests. Enoch likes to focus on documented history and legends, which provides more than enough thrills, fun, and interest during the tour.
What should I bring? 
+ A torch (flashlight)
+ Clothing appropriate for the weather
+ Shoes suitable for a nice stroll
+ Cameras are encouraged (but no video)
+ Your imagination!

Where can I park?
Free parking is available in the parking deck right next to our meeting spot.

How long is the tour?
You will cover 1.5 miles in about 120 minutes. From the end point, the parking deck is a quarter-mile away. Some exceeding fine places to eat or drink can be found on the way back.

How difficult is the walking? 
We travel on paved paths and sidewalks, and grassy lawns, with some gradual hills. Some ground can be uneven. Please wear good, comfortable shoes. 

Can I rest along the way?
At some sites, limited seating is available.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible?
Most of our path is accessible, but the city still needs to re-do two corners. 

Can I book a tour for my group?
Yes! Private tours (10+ people) can be booked for a weeknight, or during the day on weekends. Please contact us to inquire about pricing. 

Are necessary rooms (restrooms) available?
Not during the tour. Please avail before the tour starts.

Is smoking allowed?
We ask that guests refrain from smoking or vaping during the tour.

May I bring a pet?
Well-behaved pets on leashes are welcome. Please bring bags for cleanup, and please ensure that their presence doesn't harm the experience of the other guests.

Should I tip the guide?
Even the undead accept gratuities (we don't ask why). It is appreciated but not mandatory.

Where can I eat or drink before/after the tour?
You should visit one of Hillsborough's exceedingly fine taverns or ordinaries (uh, restaurants).

Are souvenirs available?
At this time, only photos with your (deceased) guide, Enoch, are available. 

Have a different question?
Please email Enoch.
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