Jeff W.             5 star  rating           October 22, 2017

One of the best ghost tours I have been on, most stories were very site specific. Was lots of fun learning about Hillsborough from this darker perspective. The guide was a good story teller, and tied everything into a common theme. Very well done.

Paula H., Roxboro, NC          5.0 star rating                     10/30/2017

I really enjoyed this tour very much. Enoch Pugh was a gentleman ghost who seemed to spend a great deal of time preparing some seriously (yet still fun) historical material for the tour.  It was really great that we started the tour going down the dark and spooky (at night) Eno River trail and spent some time in the Indian village. All of the history was very engaging. In spite of the fact that I have lived in Hillsborough for 20 years I learned a great deal about the local town and it's history.

Marcus W., Hillsborough, NC            5.0 star rating                 10/9/2017

We had a drizzly and dark night to walk around Hillsborough and learn a lot of history as well as several reported haunted places. The history was clearly thoroughly researched and the tales of reportedly haunted places well told. As described, there is a fair amount of walking and Enoch answered any and all questions. It was fun for my wife and I who have lived in Hillsborough over 20 years and learned a lot. Of course all that walking builds up a thirst so we stopped in the Wooden Nickel after - win win!

Lisa W., Pittsboro, NC          5.0 star rating            10/31/2017 

This was a great tour. I loved the ghost stories, and really appreciated the history on colonial Hillsborough too. The tour took us all over town and through graveyards. Professionally done, not corny at all! I was impressed :) 

Amy T.,  San Francisco, CA          5.0 star rating                 10/31/2017

This was a great time for all. Our group ranged in age from 8-50. Loved the cocept of our tour leader being an actual Hillsborogh resident in the 1700's. The tour was filled with history, haunting stories and actual places where it all took place. Recommend if you're looking for something different to do.

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